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Carbon steel cable end camp   clutch with key way
Cable end clamp produced for electronic company (20 pcs) and unique clutch (1 pc).
axle interface axle interface
Unique interfaces used for tranformation of pharmacetular machines (1-1 pc).

Clutch house
  Clutch and basic pieces for valve house
Clutch house of a medicine producing equipment (1 pc);
clutch (2 pcs) and basic pieces for valve house (2 pcs).

Special cam heels   Distance ring for industrial applications
Cam heels produced on CNC machine (200pcs/month) and distance ring (1 pc).

Clutch for pharmaceutical applications   Foundation ring for pharmaceutical applications
Special clutch (1 pc), foundation ring (1 pc) for pharmaceutical applications.

  Eyehole frames   Hingles for pharmaceutical applications
Eyehole frames and their hingles (15 pcs) for machines used in pharmacy industry.

Screw-adherent tap   Cooler spiral
Screw-adherent tap (2pcs) and single cooler spiral (1 pcs).
"T" part with holes   Axle tubes to Siemens
"T" part with holes (4 pcs) and axle tubes produced in medium series (200pcs/month).

Single bending filler for metric tube   carbon steel ball socket
Single filler fot pipe-bending machine (1 pc)and unique ball socket for agricultural machine (2 pcs).

Our main activities:
CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC cutting, conventional cutting, welding, tuning and production of single pieces and small and big series.
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