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Doosan LYNX 220 LM (with 'C' axis) CNC turning center Doosan LYNX 220 LM (with 'C' axis) CNC turning center; prod.year: 2007

TOS Sui 40/1000 lathe TOS Sui 40/1000 lathe (infinitely variable); prod.year: 1999

E400/1500 lathe                      E400/1500 centre lathe; prod.year: 1983

TOS lathe with turret                                         TOS turret lathe; prod.year: 1985

MVE 280/3000-es esztergagép Mitutoyo mérőrendszerrel                 MVE 280/3000 lathe  (with Mitutoyo digital
 measuring device); prod.year: 1971

 Deckel Maho Gildemeister DMC 635 V 3 tengelyes CNC marógép   Deckel Maho Gildemeister DMC 635 V (3 axis) CNC milling center
(with Heidenhain linear encoder) prod.year: 2010

Knuth Vector 610 (3 axis) CNC milling center Knuth Vector 610 (3 axis) CNC milling center; prod.year: 2003

TOS FNGJ-32 milling machine TOS FNGJ-32 (with Heidenhain digital measuring device) milling machine; prod.year: 1989

TOS FN 25 milling machine                       TOS FN 25 milling machine; prod.year:1983

 Type: TOS BHP-300 surface grinder                 TOS BHP-300 surface grinder; prod.year: 1980

Napomar RU-100 universal cylindrical grinder  Napomar RU-100 universal cylindrical grinder; prod.year: 1995

Bomar 250-350 G bandsaw          Bomar 250-350 G bandsaw; prod.year: 2007

Einhall MBS 400 bandsaw                         Einhall MBS 400 bandsaw; prod year: 2005

Fo 25 drill                                                   Fo32 column drill; prod. year: 1980

DOF-16 drill                                         DOF-16 column drill; prod. year: 1988

Riltig 300 type welder Riltig 300AC/DC type welder with inverter working; prod. year: 2006
 Herta 200A type welder  Hetra 200A type transformer welder; prod. year: 1995  

MM 220 type consumable-electrode welder                       MM 220 type consumable-electrode welder;
prod. year: 2001

 Fiac Silver10 rotary screw air compressor                             Fiac Silver10 rotary screw air compressor;
prod. year: 2010

Mechanical press (25 t) Szolnok Iron Industry Firm mechanical  press 25mt; prod. year: 1968

Car lift ATE 4625A-26, 4 mt capacity                                  Car lift ATE 4625A-26, 4 mt capacity;
prod. year: 2011

 ATP 3612-IT tyre changing machine                                                              ATP 3612-IT tyre changing machine;
 prod. year: 2011

SP-820 wheel balancer                                                                               SP-820 wheel balancer;
prod. year: 2011

Other hand tools, hand appliances, measurement tools.
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