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We also undertake the improvement of break systems. With drilling or milling the break disk, the efficiency of the break can be extended. With using metal break tubes, more definite pressure point can be reached as these tubes expand less due to the pressure than the conventional break tubes.

Break disk   Break disk with holes
Break tubes

We also produce hydraulic hand breaks which can be handled with little force. The proportion of break force for the for and the hind breaks can be settled by using the break system amended with tandem working cylinders. With these solutions the race can be faster as the break system can set paralell with the driver’s style.

Hydraulic hand break

Tandem working cylinder

The other possibility of the break system’s modification is the replacement of break caliper and break pads. We undertake the purchase and slight modifications of these.

Better break caliper and break lining

Our main activities:
CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC cutting, conventional cutting, welding, tuning and production of single pieces and small and big series.
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